Modas Nuria is an Andalusian innovative company based in Marchena, (Seville). Founded by Francisco Paque in 1987 and dedicated for more than 25 years to the womenswear.

We design and produce clothing for an elegant and modern woman. Our firms are designed for women of all ages, and launches every year two collections (spring-summer and autumn-winter), characterized by the fusion of vanguard and tradition, between contemporary fantasy and classic romanticism. Our brands NB Nuribel y nb style distinguish for being manufactured 100% in Spain also for dressing a woman sport and elegant, with party dresses,  blouses, coats.

The great success of Modas Nuria in Spain, Italy, Ireland and Portugal is due to its own design, the high quality of its raw materials, its fabrics, its personalized service to each customer and the great compatibility of its designs to the women’s needs.